Monday, January 16, 2006

Saying goodbye

We said goodbye to our rector and his family today. Wow, I typed that sentence and then sat here for five minutes trying to figure out what to say next. It was very emotional, and there were many tears. I shed a few myself. It doesn't make sense, in a way, because Kevin leaving doesn't really affect us, we're only here for another week. But my community is hurting, my friends are hurting, and that hurts me. Of course it also reminds me of my imminent departure, though I didn't actually feel that as much tonight as I have in the past month. I'm either desensitized to talking about the move (and I did talk about it a lot tonight, naturally) or I'm saving it up for next weekend. I'll go for the latter.

As for packing... best not to talk about that.


Carl said...

I know that Kevin will leave a hole in my life and ours. He has made the last year exceptional, and though we won't be letting go of what he gave us it will change.

Gary said...

Packing is the most un-fun thing in the world, ever.
Top tip: Label EVERYTHING! Every box. Every bag. Every child and sock.
Then you can prioritise at the other end.
All the best with the move.
Keep smiling.