Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I'm a bad blogger

I update so infrequently that I don't think anyone remembers that I even have a blog! Anyway, even if this is only going out into the blogosphere, this is what I've been up to lately.

I've been working two or three times a week at Shopper's. It's going fine, except that I hurt myself on Saturday. Stupid really, I just tripped over a shopping basket and pulled some muscles in my neck, shoulder, and back. I work tomorrow and I think I'll be ok for that. The doctor gave me the go-ahead.

My favourite thing to do these days is to scrapbook, and to chat about scrapbooking at ScrapCentral. It's a great community where there's always lots to do, like challenges and contests. If you're a scrapbooker, I highly recommend you come and join us! It's Canadian, but we have American scrapbookers on there too. This weekend we're having a National Scrapbooking Day (Saturday) online crop. There will be lots of challenges and prizes. I can't wait! I have to work for 5 hours on Saturday, but I'll still be able to fit some scrapping in. :D

I'm also really addicted to facebook now. I've gotten back in touch with so many people I went to school with (grade school through university), people I worked with, people I played ringette with, and so forth. It's really great!

Carl and I are doing our best to go green. We still have our SUV ::cringes::, but are buying credits to offset our carbon footprint. We also don't drive very much. Carl's work & Hayley's school are within walking distance, and I take the subway to work. That's all we can do until it's time to buy another car, and then we hope to go hybrid. I can't wait until all the farmers' markets open for the summer, because it makes it much easier to eat locally, which we're also trying to do as much as possible.