Sunday, January 08, 2006

Here we go

Since the LiveJournal is more of a family journal (even though I'm the only one who ever really posts in it), I decided to start my own blog, just to let you all in on what's going on with me on a day-to-day basis (hence the title of the blog) as I move from California to Ontario.

If you don't know where in Canada we're moving (and sources tell me many of you don't *grin*), we are moving back to the Toronto area. We will, at first, be staying with Carl's parents who live in Brampton, which is here. The plan is to remain in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area - am I going to need a glossary for this blog?), but it really depends on where Carl finds a job. He is looking all over Ontario, though the far north is not exactly desirable. I'm not talking about where my parents live, now. Contrary to popular opinion, they are not actually that far north. They are below the 49th Parallel (46.2 to be exact) and south of most of the rest of Canada. All right, I'll shut up about geography now.

I'm having a sad day today. We had a birthday party for Hayley at our house yesterday and we had 50 people here, most of them from St. Tim's. 50 people who we really care about and who care about us, and there are many more. That was just Hayley's party. We considered turning it into a going away party as well, but there would be just too many people we would want to invite. After everyone left, I just really felt it. It's hard to think about leaving them. Then in this morning's sermon, Kevin (the rector of St. Tim's for one more week) talked about the strength and intimacy of the St. Tim's community, and I cried. And cried. The thing is, everyone at St. Tim's is sad right now, about losing Kevin and his family. I'm sad about losing everyone.

I'm also happy and excited to be moving back to Canada, but as I'm having a sad day, I don't have the heart to talk about that right now. Catch me tomorrow.


JenE said...

Hey, Sherry...

Breathe. We love you. We'll still love you, and you'll find and build a network of people who love you when you land in Ontario. I'm the first to tell you that moving hurts, but you'll grow through the process. I left Virginia kicking and screaming, and now, I never look back.

We'll really miss you. I'm sorry you've decided it's time to go back.


Carl said...

The party was great. And post party is hard it being our last "blow-out". The best thing isn't always the easiest thing. We'll make it through together.


Brad said...

You and your family have found not only friends but a source of inner strength that will help you in the move. Always remember that you only found these friends by a move and now that you know where to look there will be many more. Easy to say I know....but always look for the rosey side to every situation and you can generally find one....Take Care...Love you too...

Stephanie said...

Hey Sherry
I did hear you were leaving last sunday at the party after church. I was surprised to hear it. Gosh darn it I was just starting to get to know you and your family! I'm sad that you have to move and wish you could stay but everything happens for a reason. God is good all the time even when it doesn't feel like it! = ) Good luck and I will keep you in my prayers!

Greg said...

It must be very hard to pick up and move after creating such a wonderful bond with so many people. It will also be very exciting to touch a lot of hearts and create new realtionships after you move. I truly believe everything happens for a reason and good things happen to good people. There may be a lot of good people that need you in their hearts before you can rest. Plus we need Hayley and Carson here to bring home our future Golds. jk. I love you guys so much and I am very excited to see you. Hey! look on the bright side we have only hit -40 yet this winter!! Its a mild one!!

Anonymous said...

Sherry and family,either way you look at things it will be sad news to some and good news to others, but one thing that does not change is that God's love will always be with us and he does not take us where he can not keep us. Looking forward to seeing you all again.
sonja :-}

Neil said...

As hard as moving is, sometimes the change can recharge you. So realize that the sad times will be followed by excitement and comfort. Plus, we (and I speak for all 46 of us in Canada) are happy to have you back.

Gary said...

Having recently changed my whole life and moved 250 miles (c'mon, England is a lot smaller!) you have my sympathies. It's not easy having to say goodbye, but good will come out of this. You have a lovely and loving family. And many more waiting in Canada.
The only certainty in life is that everything changes. Go with it. Ride the dips as well as the peaks. Smile. Be positive.
:-) xxx

Joanna said...

Sherry, We so wish that the Giles were not leaving the area, but we know that God has His reasons and they are good ones. Take comfort in knowing that you and your family have made a terrific, positive, wonderful contribution to the community of St. Tim's and we are going to miss you but will be praying for you in your new home. Please keep in touch.

Dad & Mom Lees said...

I think that you know that Dad and I have totally supported you both in any decision that you made as to whether you stayed in the U.S.A. or came back to Canada. We certainly know that it is not easy leaving the wonderful friends that you have made since you have been there. The ties that you have through the Church and other friendships will never be broken and we are sure that your faith will keep you together with the internet and telephone.
We are, needless to say pleased that our children are coming home and that if need be, we can see within a day with a trip to Toronto.
Even though Christmas has just ended I am now looking forward to the excitement in our home next Christmas when we have our Grandchildren waking us to the joys of Christmas morning...Something that has been a great wish of ours for some time.As Greg said earlier and you know that it is my favourite saying, "Everything happens for a reason" We don't always know why that reason is sometimes but it comes clear to us in the end.We pray for your safe journey home and pray for all of the good friends that you leave behind.
Love Dad and Mom Lees

Anonymous said...


I know it's horrible moving and uprooting again, but know that you've got friends here in Canada waiting to see you again.

Gregory can't wait to play with Haley and Carson!