Friday, January 27, 2006

Did Jesus push Carson down the stairs?

I'm a bit of a wreck. In the midst of the upheaval of a country-to-country move, cutting off the anti-depressants is probably not the best course of action. However, as we have no drug coverage, I don't see much of an alternative. I am entitled to one month's supply of a prescription under the visitor's insurance we have, but I don't know that I want to use that now in case I fall down the stairs... well, okay, I did fall down the stairs yesterday, and I bruised my ass and am rather stiff, but I don't need a prescription. But what if it had been worse? Anyway, with the lack of drugs (screw you Tom Cruise, they work for me) and the transition, I've been a bitch and a basket-case.

So I was praying in my room for God to grant me a little peace (and a lot of peace for those around me.) I could hear Carson talking to himself, climbing the stairs. It sounded to me like he was at the top, so when I heard thump thump thump followed by my screaming boy, I. freaked. out. It turned out he only slid three steps and was fine (still needed a cuddle from his mommy), but it sure broke me out of my wallowing. So what do you think, would God resort to pushing a two-year old down the stairs to break his mommy out of a funk? ;)


Carl said...

Sure God would push him down the stairs...he is after all my son and therefore indestructable.

I'm right there with you on the Tom Cruise thing...may his movies make no money ever again.

Anonymous said...

Hello Giles family in Toronto..
Wouldn't believe for a minute that an angel or anyone one else in the spirit world would do that..but agree that they are there with protecting arms ready for the fall! Hope things are getting settled with you all in your new place..hugs from warren and sonj

Anonymous said...

I'm with you and Carl on Tom Cruise's movies.
I'm glad Carson was OK.
My Nephew's little girl (9 Months) climbed out of her crib and crawled to the stairs and fell down 14 steps 9 -hard wood- She was OK though.