Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Call me the hoop jumper

It's harder to move back home than it is to another country, I swear. Today I was running around dealing with The Man. First I went to get temporary health insurance, which I need while I establish my Ontario residency. That went fine, thank God, because the rest of the day was frustrating. I went to apply for OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan), but I didn't have the required documentation for proof of residency. Fine. So I went to exchange my California driver's licence for an Ontario one (my Ontario driver's licence expired more than three years ago, or I could have renewed it). Well. My California driver's licence was renewed last year, and since I have to have had it for at least two years, I need proof from the DMV that I actually got my licence in 2002, not 2005. So I called the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles), and they said that I need to download and send Form INF 70 to Sacramento along with $20 for the form. Then they will mail me the documentation and I can bring that to MTO (Ontario Ministry of Transportation) to exchange my licence. Haven't any of these people heard of a freaking fax machine? In the meantime, I attempted to change my address with my former bank where my student loan is, and I have to call the branch to do it. I was told this after I talked to the woman for about ten minutes, answering a million irrelevant questions. I'm tired.

The flight went well, as did going through customs. I was concerned about Carson since he doesn't have his proof of Canadian citizenship yet, but it was no problem. The kids are adjusting well. Carl's mom met us at the airport, as did Carl's brother Ryan, and our friend (and the kids' godmother) Lara and her baby Anita as a surprise. There was a patch of snow at the edge of the parking garage, and Hayley asked what the white stuff was. Carson was enthralled by it today when he was touching it with his bare hands. So cute.

Did I mention that I drove in the snow today for the first time in three years? No problem, but you could hardly really call it snow. It was the kind of snow that melts when it hits the ground, so almost like rain.

Gotta go try to put Hayley to bed. It's late, but she's still on California time.


sonja said...

Hello Sherry and family, You are in Canada!! Glad you made it safely. I have been busy this past week also and have not had time to check your, blog..lots of work to do for the two of you and it will take awhile to get done, especially the paper work and the goverment!!! slowwwww!! News to tell you, Warren got a job in Sudbury and we are moving too..back home up north..YEA..but lots of work ahead, Warren starts on the 6th of Feb and I will be coming back to Norwood to get the house ready..so we are almost in the same boat as you..I know your mom and dad will be happy to have you closer!! Grandchildren are the sunshine from heaven!! hugs to you and happy dreams..sonja

JenE said...

Good luck with all the bureaucratic dreck. It's like labor pain -- six months from now, it won't seem so bad, and in a couple of years, you'll forget everything you had to do. But while you're in it... No fun at all!

Just don't get so overwrought you total a car (which is what I did when we moved here, on my way to go get car insurance...)

Love to all of you!