Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Love, Love, Love!

Happy Valentine's Day!

As a Valentine's Day treat, Torontonians received a heap of snow. Yay! /sarcasm. It's actually still snowing, but the kids and I are snuggled up and cozy in our apartment. We're waiting for friends to come over for a play date, and I don't envy them the walk.

Hayley was so excited about going to school today for Valentine's Day. She came home with a paper bag full of valentines, and it really took me back. I remember taping paper bags to the sides of our desks, like little mailboxes. It was so exciting! My mom always made Valentine's Day special too, giving us chocolates or stuffed animals and cards. We gave the kids little boxes of chocolates and hand-made cards today. I made cards for the kids and had intended for them to be from both of us, but Hayley made it clear to Carl that she wanted him to make her a card himself. So there he was last night, drawing pictures for their cards. It was cute.

Valentine's Day can be a little sad for me too. In 1989, my poppa died right before Valentine's Day. I remember my mom giving us our little teddy bears early to help us feel better. Not that anything could have, but it was nice. We all knew we wouldn't really be celebrating it anyway. So I always think about that when Valentine's Day rolls around. It's been almost twenty years (how is that possible?!), but it still makes me a little sad.


Julie said...

hey sherry!!!

happy valentine's to you too!

Yodelemma said...

Hi Sherry,
Give us your snow!!! We're hurtin'- there's no skiing here at all this year!
Happy Valentine's :) We did nothing and they don't seem to celebrate at Allie's school :(
E xxxxxxx