Friday, February 08, 2008

Some Scrapbook Layouts

I've been focusing on digital scrapbooking a lot, but last weekend we had an online crop at Scrap Central, and I decided I was going to do all paper layouts. It was great to play with the papers, inks, and tools again. These are the layouts I did.

This is my niece Paige. What a cutie! We were so happy to spend time with her during our visit up north right after Christmas.

Journalling reads:

This is the first time Uncle Carl got to see Paige. He is Paige's only uncle so far, so it was pretty special.

Journalling reads:

Oh yeah. I know. You're too cool for this picture. You just want to ride off into the sunset, the wind in your face, nothin' ahead but the open road. Well you go ahead, Baby. In about twenty years. Don't worry, you'll still be too cool.

Journalling reads:

I just love these pictures of Hayley. She looks like such a little urban fashion diva. And really, she is. She loves clothes, loves to shop, and loves living in the city. The other day we had a free afternoon and I asked her what she wanted to do. Her eyes lit up as she said "Go to the mall and shop for clothes!"

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jo-ann said...

your work is so beautiful! i love the use of the pink in the frame and the Christmas themed one too!