Thursday, October 25, 2007

Is it Really October??

Wow, from May to October, that's... horrible!

We're settling nicely into fall. Carson began JK in September, and Hayley is in SK. They are in different classes, but both in the morning, which I am really enjoying! Carson is still unsure how well he likes school. He was eager to go, but once he realized that it's more than just playing and doing what you want, he wasn't so enthusiastic. He's adjusting. Hayley still loves school.

I'm still working at Shopper's, but only on weekends now. It was getting kind of crazy, I was working most nights during the week, and it was just too much. Working weekends is much better.

Still scrapbooking, too. I've gotten into digital scrapbooking lately, which I really enjoy. I still like the tactile nature of scrapping with paper, though.

I've decided that I'm not going to follow the editing track. The revelation that it wasn't for me came in the form of an opening for an editor at Torontoist, a local blog. I was considering it, and then I thought, "that would be so boring." Well. Besides, the nature of editing seems to be a lot of freelance work, and don't think living job-to-job is for me. Next week I begin one of two computer courses that are pre-requisites for a medical office assistant program at the same college (George Brown). I think it's the better option for me, and I think it's something I would enjoy. I'm looking forward to it.

Carl is still plugging away at his job at Quartet. Not much to say about it.

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Kathy Mendoza said...

I'm still reading. Thanks for the update! We miss you.