Saturday, June 03, 2006

Home Sweet Home

I am typing this from my very own apartment. Well, okay, I have to share it with Carl and Hayley and Carson, but you know what I mean. I am out of the in-laws' house and once again have my own space. Or will once we get all the boxes sorted and unpacked. That's nothing, though, we've moved a million times and I'm used to it.

The kids are settling in well. Hayley has been excited to move for quite a while now, and was positively giddy today. They delved into all the toys that they haven't seen in four months. Now they are sleeping in their new bunk beds. Hayley has also been excited about sleeping on the top bunk, but we were a little concerned that she would be afraid to when the time actually came. She's been fine, though, climbing up and down the ladder with ease. Carson actually asked to go to bed tonight, and looks very comfortable in his bottom bunk.

And now I think I'll crawl into my bunk. It's been a long day and Carl and I are due for some z's.


Julie said...

Welcome home! I replied to you about the bedroom situation (well, i can't reply to your post, but i sent mail to your gmail account which i'm not sure you got). So, I'll post here about it as well.

My kids have always shared a room and it has been great. We got bunk beds when Ella was too big for her crib and they love them. Usually Ella goes to bed at least an hour before Nicholas, if not more, so she is sound asleep before he comes to bed. They rarely wake each other, even if one wakes up crying or sick at night.

Will you send me your current email address? Mine is

Enjoy your new home.

jp said...


I'm soo happy for you all...

How cute to think of Hayley and Carson in their beds.

Love to you all.

Lara Robins said...

So glad that the move went well and that you are getting settled into your own home. Hayley and Carson and Anita and I had a blast on Saturday morning. Can't wait to come and visit and play. It's so nice to have you back here and to watch our beautiful Godchildren grow up with Anita. We are so lucky! Congratulations!

Jen E said...

Welcome home! I hope you will quickly feel settled in and comfortable. And I hope your new neighbors are good people who become great friends. If they don't reach out to you first, you reach out to them!

Have you found a good church yet?